Photo Galleries

Gallery #1: Pre-Scientology

Lisa Blount modeling clothing by Karen Schless Pressley

Gallery #2: Karen’s Clients

Peter Schless at Portland Crusade

Gallery #3: The Crusade

Karen Schless Pressley Joins Celebrity Centre

Gallery #4: Celebrity Centre

Karen and Peter Schless, Celebrity Magazine

Gallery #5: Peter and Karen at CC

Karen Schless, London, 1993

Gallery #6: Uniform Design

Gallery #7: 1990s and Beyond

Karen Schless letter to Church of Scientology

Gallery #8: Legal Letters

Leah Remini Karen Schless Pressley and Mike Rinder, Scientology and the Aftermath

Gallery #9: Speaking Out

Dr. Liza Davis and Karen Schless Pressley

Gallery #10: Special People